The purpose of children’s orthodontics is to align teeth and jaws in a healthy way, enhancing your child’s ability to chew their food properly and speak clearly. Orthodontics helps them avoid the effects of crooked or misaligned teeth, bite problems, or jaw joint (TMJ) conditions.

At Kissimmee Children’s Dentistry, we are prepared to monitor, diagnose, and treat orthodontic concerns from early childhood to adolescence. Starting at the age of seven years old, children have a mix of primary and permanent teeth; this is an excellent time to begin examining their mouth and determining the best course of action to align their bite.

Your child may need orthodontics if: 

  • They have crowded or protruding teeth.
  • They suck their thumb, which may cause the teeth to shift out of position.
  • Their jaw joint is making popping or cracking sounds.
  • They are suffering from regular headaches or jaw tenderness.

If you suspect your child needs orthodontic care, schedule an appointment at our practice in Kissimmee, FL today!

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are proven to be one of the major advances in orthodontic history. They provide your child with a safe, comfortable, and long-lasting solution to crooked teeth, crowded or overlapping teeth, underbites, overbites, or any other orthodontic problems that require straightening teeth. These appliances are easily adjusted, allowing our team to fine-tune the alignment of your child’s teeth quickly and efficiently. 

Traditional metal braces are cemented into place by the use of metal brackets and wires used to connect each tooth. This means they will not slip, move, or become unreliable during the course of treatment; their sturdy design makes them suitable for nearly all age ranges! 

Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces

Braces used today are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than those from several decades ago, yet they still provide excellent results! Along with the primary benefit of enhancing the health and appearance of your child’s smile, other advantages of braces include:

  • They produce the most predictable results in orthodontics.
  • This is the only method of orthodontic treatment that can correct a severe underbite or overcrowding of teeth.
  • The entire treatment is generally completed within 12 to 24 months.
  • Braces are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other methods.
  • With traditional metal braces, your child will visit us more often, so we can better monitor changes throughout treatment; we will see visible progress and know exactly when to make adjustments or remove the braces.

The Process of Applying Braces

Braces are applied to the teeth following a thorough cleaning from our hygienist; this prepares the tooth surface for the brackets to be applied! Brackets are small attachments that are applied to the front side of the teeth. Each bracket is made up of a metal base with ceramic or plastic clasps on top. Once the brackets are firmly cemented to the surface of every tooth, we will attach the wire by firmly snapping it into the clasps of the brackets. This will keep the wire in place and allow our team to adjust the device throughout the duration of treatment. 

Braces work by applying constant pressure to the surface of every tooth. By tightening the wire, teeth are gradually pushed, pulled, and guided into the perfect arch over time.

Caring for Braces

  • Be sure your child knows that braces don’t hurt. Although the first day of having them on, or a few hours after an adjustment, can be a little uncomfortable, most kids get used to their new smiles relatively quickly. 
  • Once braces are on their teeth, children should avoid eating hard foods like brittle candies or ice cubes that could crack the brackets or bend the wires.
  • Your child also needs to clean his or her braces every day (preferably after every meal), so food won’t get trapped in them. This could allow germs to grow and cause tooth decay, gum problems, and bad breath.
  • Use dental floss to clean between your teeth and under every wire; this prevents gum disease from developing during treatment.

Your Child’s Journey to the Perfect Smile

Our team of dental professionals at Kissimmee Children’s Dentistry is capable of creating an orthodontic journey that will be absolutely remarkable for your child. Not only do we make the process fun and exciting, but we allow your child to lead the way and openly discuss with us their comfort level at each stage of the orthodontic process. We can offer wax for sore gums, make suggestions to improve the treatment journey, and overall meet your child’s needs in whatever way possible.

We want your child to have a good experience, and we encourage them to speak with us like a friend! We believe this makes the routine appointments throughout orthodontic treatment more pleasant for the both of us, as we truly get to know your child while creating their perfect smile! Get your child on the right track to a healthy smile by booking their appointment with our practice today!

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