About The Practice

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Kissimmee Children’s Dentistry, a practice that has prioritized the importance of smile care and child comfort since 1995. Our team members are passionate about working with children of all ages, including children with special needs. 

Our mission is to provide the smiles of the future with the dental services they require and the care that they deserve. By doing this, we hope to make children of and around Kissimmee, FL healthier and happier. 

Choosing our practice means selecting a team that will be dedicated to you and your children at each appointment. Aided by only the latest and greatest technology, techniques, and materials, our team of talented dental professionals will treat your child’s smile while creating reasons to smile in the process! You can always expect the following at every appointment:

  • Friendly smiles & faces
  • Warm meetings & greetings
  • Helpful feedback & guidance
  • Patience & understanding

By taking the time to truly build a connection with both you and your child, our hope is that we are setting a healthy, one-of-a-kind connection that will foster a healthy smile for your child throughout their lifetime.

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