Children’s Dentistry

A childrens dentist is a dental professional who has dedicated their career to providing comprehensive care for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs. Childrens dentists are proficient in a wide range of dental procedures and practices, including prevention, diagnosis, maintenance, and emergency services.

At Kissimmee Children’s Dentistry in Kissimmee, FL, we are delighted to serve your child and look forward to treating their smile, and making them smile in the process! Call today to schedule their visit!

Children’s Cleanings & Exams

Children’s dental cleanings and examinations are vital because they serve as preventative measures to keep teeth and gums healthy and detect any problems early. Removing plaque during a dental cleaning can prevent or treat a number of dental concerns including decay, gingivitis, early childhood caries (cavities), and halitosis (bad breath). We recommend your child to have cleanings every 6 months. 

If plaque is not removed at each cleaning, it can harden into tartar or calculus (plaque that has turned into a solid) which is difficult to remove. This may lead to gingivitis and/or tooth decay, which in turn can lead to tooth loss. As part of a professional cleaning, we may also remove stains or other deposits on the teeth that cannot be removed by regular brushing and flossing.

During an examination, we will carefully observe all of your child’s teeth, along with their gums and throat, for any abnormalities. This allows us to offer valuable feedback on your oral cleaning routine at home or identify potential problems before they become more serious.

Education For Parents & Kids

The children’s dentist you choose for your child will play a significant role in the outcome of your child’s dental treatment and future oral health. Not only do we provide crucial preventative care, but we also use this opportunity to teach children and parents about proper oral hygiene habits that they can continue at home. 

Brushing teeth may be an important part of your child’s daily routine, but did you know that there are other things you can do to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong? Here are some tips you can use to help your child stay cavity-free:

  • By scheduling regular dental checkups, you are not only protecting your child against cavities; you are encouraging proper oral hygiene habits that will continue throughout their life. This helps give your child a strong smile for a lifetime!
  • Rinsing with water after brushing, avoiding sugary snacks throughout the day, limiting snacking to mealtimes, and eliminating sweetened drinks can all make a difference in the health of your child’s teeth.
  • If your child has braces, take care to clean around them as well! Clean between teeth with floss or other tools, as food particles may become trapped there and lead to plaque buildup.

Unveiling Your Child’s Full Smile Potential

At Kissimmee Children’s Dentistry, we want you and your child to both feel at home in our office! We go the extra mile to ensure you both have a positive experience and your child feels relaxed and comfortable. Our dedication to caring for children guides us in always putting the child first, never rushing them, and offering understanding and compassion as they begin to learn about dental care.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled dental care that unlocks your child’s full potential in their lives and their oral wellness. By bringing your child to our office, we are building a foundation for dental excellence to last them a lifetime. Call today to schedule!

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